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Rock Soup Studios was founded in 2005 by John Fathom, John Ruddy and Nyugen Smith out of 660 Grand st, A.K.A 660studios; A three story Arts enclave serving JC Arts Community since 2002.

660 studios works as both a physical space for artists to create/showcase their work as well as a launching pad for collaborative events in and outside of Jersey City. We provide interesting new ways to exhibit contemporary art by incorporating performance art, live music and visual art into each of our productions and allow the growth of our group to be dictated by the talents/skillset of our current tenants and members as well as the opportunistic and communal drive piqued by those involved. We believe in exploring all creative avenues and opportunities presented along the way as we embark on this fantastic journey, so stay tuned because you never know what we will be up to next as individuals and as a group.

Current and Past Artists

John Fathom - Artist/Director

John Fathom is a visual artist and the Director of 660studios. His personal work includes his signature Illuminated Painting Sculptures and his recovered wood furniture/functional art pieces, but quite frankly he often finds himself distracted and inspired to delve into street art or writing theatrical philosofits. I suspect one day he will start speaking in the 3rd person and declare he is no longer a sculptor and instead become an unlicensed dream psychologist or theoretical cartoonist.

His aim with 660studios has been to grow it's use organically, suiting the artists, musicians, collaborators and contributors, while maintaining a constant interest in developing it as an inspirational/motivating space for artists of all mediums to express/exhibit their work either through tenancy, artist in residence or their membership to RockSoup Studios; a production group created by the founding members to tie all the disciplines within 660 into a cohesive memorable exhibition themed event.

John currently lives and works in Jersey City

and loves it.

Mark Finne - Artist

Many know Mark as a painter...some know him as a photographer...dozens know him as a mixed-media artist who recycles just about everything... Hundreds of people know him as a real estate agent in Manhattan & Jersey City...It's all true... Whether you call him Finne or Mark, or have yet to meet him, perhaps you will...either in the lobby of a condominium building, an art gallery, or a friend's home...this artist is always on the go...always exhibiting somewhere...this guy has figured out how to marry passion and career...Staging art in model homes, decorating lobbies of residential buildings & corporate offices and now working on a body of work that has already begun being "exhibited" throughout Europe, Mark continues to regularly create, collect, and place art wherever called for.

Inspired by scuba diving excursions, skydiving, and simply this colorful world we live in, Mark typically has Chromadepth 3-D glasses on-hand at all times to add a visual enhancement to all his exhibited paintings...a practice now that has been in place now for about 18 years...Thanks to a Pink Floyd Laser light show years ago at The Hayden Planetarium and the owner of the Green-Rose Laser Company, these glasses accompany all receptions-acting as a wearable business cards and accoutrement to any buyer's art collection.

Mark Finne



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